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Basic Stats for the week 13 to 19 February for openstack-dev:

~575 Messages (three messages more than the long term average)

~212 Unique threads (up about 18% relative to the long term average)

Traffic picked up a fair bit this week – almost exactly on the long term average for messages.  Threads up a bit more – lots of short threads, a mixture of those about project logos and PTG logistics contributing there I think.


Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

Proposed Pike release schedule

Thierry Carrez posted to the list with some information on the proposed Pike release schedule.  The human friendly version is here.  Week zero – release week – is the week of August 28

Assistance sought for the Outreachy program

From Mahati Chamarthy an update about the Outreachy program – an initiative that helps folk from underrepresented groups get involved in FOSS. It’s a worthy initiative if there were ever one, a lot of support was shown from it at linux.conf.au recently as it happens too.

Please consider getting involved and/or supporting the programs work financially.

Session voting open for OpenStack Summit Boston

Erin Disney writes to advise that voting is open for sessions in Boston until 7:59am Wednesday 22nd February (UTC)  She notes that unique URLs for submissions have been returned based on community feedback.

Final Team Mascots

A slew of messages this week announcing the final versions of the team mascots that the OpenStack Foundation has been coordinating.  I briefly contemplated listing them all here but that seemed a sub-optimal way to spend the next hour – so if you want to find one for your favourite project, follow this link and use your browser search for “mascot” or “logo” – mostly the former. The Foundation will, I gather, be publishing a canonical list of them all shortly in any case.

In a thread about licensing for the images kicked off by Graham Hayes was the clarification that they’ll be CC-BY-ND

End of Week Wrap-ups, Summaries and Updates

People and Projects

Project Team Lead Election Conclusion and Results

Kendall Nelson summarises the results of the recent PTL elections in a post to the list.  Most Projects had the one PTL nominee, those that went to election were Ironic, Keystone, Neutron, QA and Stable Branch Maintenance.  Full details in Kendall’s message.

Core nominations & changes


Further reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case


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