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Yamaha Pedal Wiring

I did a little rewiring of my keyboard rig on the weekend, in particular the pedal board I use to keep things organised and quick to set up.  In the process of this I loomed three of the foot switches up together which necessitated re-terminating them with new plugs having cut the old ones off.

For future reference then, here is the wiring schema/colour codes for my particular pedals.  If Google picks this page up, might save someone else a little hassle :)

Yamaha FC4 Footswitch

The FC4 is a conventional switch, Normally closed, contacts open when the pedal is pressed down

  • Tip – N/C Contact – Inner conductor in cable
  • Sleeve – N/C Contact – Shield in cable

Yamaha FC5 Footswitch

Electrically the same as the FC5, just a different physical form factor.

  • Tip – N/C Contact – White conductor in cable
  • Sleeve – N/C Contact – Black conductor in cable

Yamaha FC7 Footpedal

So with the FC7 footpedal, when it’s pressed all the way down, the minimum resistance (100 ohms or so) is between the ring and tip, and maximum resistance (50k ohm approx) between ring and sleeve.  When the pedal is all the way up this reverses – the minimum resistance is between the ring and sleeve and maximum resistance between the ring and tip.

  • Tip – “Down” end of 50k ohm pot – White conductor in cable
  • Ring – Wiper of 50k ohm pot – Red conductor in cable
  • Sleeve – “Up” end of 50k ohm pot – Shield of cable



Stop procrastinating and write…

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have had a funny effect on my blogging.  Like many people “back in the day” I kept a sporadically updated diary then a Blog, then Facebook happened and it all kinda stopped.

I had a crack at setting up a new site using one of the other popular CMS but didn’t get very far – more about me faffing around than anything wrong with the CMS in question.  I even had the patient and able assistance of BCG in getting things going, so not for want of technical resources. But no, I spent too much of what time I did spend on thinking about the right tags to use, colour schemes and whatnot.  The net result of course, nothing of note happened…

So once more unto the breach; with some further help from Martin back during LCA 2014 and a little tweaking today I have a seemingly working WordPress install up and running and so stare at the metaphorical blank canvas once more, let’s see where this leads :)