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Not a Reel

I was chatting with a friend of mine a week or so back and the topic of original music came up, in particular anything I’d played or written that had a bit of an Irish and/or Folk theme to it. At the time I couldn’t think of anything but when we were talking again yesterday it occurred to me that I had actually written something original that could reasonably fit into that category.

“Not a Reel” is a tune I wrote for the Kevin Windross Band and was fortunate to play live with the lads in late 2015 – a show that turned out sadly to be our last, at least for now, but that a story for another day perhaps. I recalled that I’d written a post on Facebook about it along with a recording and managed to fish it out, so will borrow a little bit of the text from same, lightly edited for context;

“About five years (c. 2011) ago a friend of mine kindly gave me a lovely old Beale acoustic piano for nothing more than the cost of freight. Based on the serial number (24780) she was made in Annandale, NSW in 1909 or 1910 and was lovely to play – something quite special about an acoustic instrument no matter its age or condition.”

“Fast forward to today (14 October 2016) and I’ve passed her on to another friend and his family for safekeeping for a few years ahead of my move to Melbourne.”

“I had a bit of a¬†farewell tinkle last night and on a bit of a whim recorded this instrumental “Not a Reel”, a tune I wrote for the Kevin Windross Band and was fortunate enough to play live with the lads a year or so back.”

“Having the phone -sitting- at the end of the piano isn’t the ideal location and she was overdue for a tune, but hopefully you enjoy the rough take, the odd wonky timed note and all :) “

The name of course is a bit of a play on words in so far as it’s not really a Reel proper, but has a bit of that vibe to it I think, particularly in the “B” section.

If you’re curious, this link should take you through to aforementioned recording¬†