OpenStack at The Rack

I have been working on OpenStack at Rackspace for a bit over a year now in the Private Cloud group, a great company and awesome people to work with :)

As part of my work I read the openstack-dev mailing list more or less daily to stay ahead of what’s going on, a long but interesting read :)

For much of this year I have been writing up a bit of a summary for my colleagues (called Lwood – Last Week On Openstack-Dev) about what happened in the last week on the mailing list.  These summaries are, for want of a better way to put it, somewhat opinionated – I tend to highlight conversations that are relevant to my work at Rackspace – so it may well miss topics that float other people’s boat.

Prompted by a colleagues comment, it occurred to me that despite the somewhat specific/arbitrary focus, the summaries might none the less be useful to a broader audience and so have started publishing Lwood publically.

Before moving on to Lwood may I commend the excellent OpenStack Weekly Community Newsletter produced by Jay Fankhauser, Mike Perez and their colleagues at the OpenStack Foundation – there is some overlap between the Newsletter and Lwood now the former has a section on the OpenStack-dev mailing list, my hope is that the efforts may somehow be combined in the future.

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