Last week on openstack-dev (Lwood)

Lwood Preamble

Last week on Openstack-dev (Lwood) is an “opinionated” summary of traffic on the OpenStack Developers mailing list.  I provide a bit more background on how Lwood came about here.

In the interests of practicality and brevity, I typically confine the summary to threads that meet one or more of the following criteria;

In some cases I have omitted threads where;

I prepare the summary during my Monday here in Australia covering traffic from the week up to and including the Sunday night, UTC time.  All going to plan this means the summary is available for the start of the European/North American working day :)

Please note I make no claims to be a subject matter expert on any of the topics discussed, so any errors in the summaries linked below are mine alone!

If you there are threads on the openstack-dev mailing list that you feel I should have mentioned, please let me know – I’m open to tuning my (analogue) filtering!

Likewise general feedback is welcome!

Each weeks Lwood is listed below, if you prefer there is a RSS feed available here that will just give Lwood related blog posts.

Lwoods from 2016

Lwoods from 2015