Missing Everything Open 2024 :/

This week sees the second Everything Open conference being held in Gladstone, Queensland. Alas I’m not there :/

I’ve had the good fortune to attend CALU-99 as well as something like 20+ years of linux.conf.au events that followed as well as last years Everything Open. I very much saw EO as a sensible evolution of LCA and worthy of being considered such.

I’d hoped to attend the Gladstone event, but then had some (very routine) medical stuff scheduled at the same time, so I resigned myself to not attending. Somewhat ironically the aforementioned appointments got moved, by which time a work commitment had come up during the same week. This latter is quite special too as I get to spend time with many of my Grafana colleagues – in a fully distributed/post geographical company this is quite a special thing.

So I very much wish all involved in/at EO 2024 the best. I’m sure it’ll be a great week, some fantastic talks, hallway tracks, keynotes and everything else, I’m just a little sad that I’ll only be there in spirit.

I guess a bit of melancholy too as it means an end the unbroken run I had of attending the CALU/LCA/EO series of events over the years!

Happy hacking all :)

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