This is about the fourth or fifth incarnation of my Internet homepage, most of the earlier ones are long lost and may even have included <blink> tags and so perhaps the Internet better for their absence. Somewhere in there I’ve had two earlier blogs too – the first being a diary as was the done thing in those days, then a basic but functional blog, both precursors to what you see here now which has all the mod cons.

Work wise I’ve spent most of my career in the electronics/IT/computing fields. The majority of that time has been working in Free/Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware in various capacities. That latter has encompassed all sorts of things… contributing code to the Linux kernel, hacking on Arduino’s, managing one of the best Free software development teams in the world, being on the committee of Linux Australia, presenting at various conferences and/or writing papers. I’ve worked with some wonderful folk at a wide range of companies and organisations, nowadays I’m glad to call Grafana home,

Music is a big part of my life, I’ve got a few pages dedicated to that here – still a work in progress at the time of writing but you’ll get the general idea.

In no particular order I also wear the hat of father, co-parent, partner, uncle, brother, son, cyclist (helmet in this case I guess), confidant, mentor, student, disciple, cook and that’s just in the course of last week or two. All bring varying degrees of joy and I consider myself fortunate and honoured to wear them.