Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week just past. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for the week 2 to 8 January for openstack-dev:

  • ~284 Messages (down about 50% relative to the long term average)
  • ~115 Unique threads (down about 35% relative to the long term average)

Traffic quiet but heading back up after the break.  Note that I’ve changed the reporting slightly to be against the long term average (calculated since 22 June 2015). As noted previously it’s been suggested to me a graph might be a nice thing to do – scheming towards same has begun…

Welcome back and Happy New Year – this is the first Lwood for 2017, I hope yours was a pleasant break if you had one!  Mine was dominated by boxes and interstate travel, but done in excellent company making it well and truly agreeable enough :)

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

While we were out…

A few quickies from the break that seemed worth flagging even if briefly;

  • OSSN-0074 “Nova metadata service should not be used for sensitive information”, courtesy of Luke Hinds
  • An update penned by Kendall Nelson from the Storyboard team that includes an overview on the decision to move to Storyboard from Launchpad.
  • A reminder about the upcoming PTL election season coming up in January, also from Kendall Nelson
  • A piece on a prototype HW VNC console for certain Dell servers by Pavlo Shchelokovskyy
  • A report on doing live migration performance test of 100 compute nodes courtesy of Pawel Koniszewski

OpenStack Release calendar in ICS form

Doug Hellmann writes that there is now a ICS version of the Ocata release schedule available online here.

Lwood Feedback Survey

Flagging this one more time and again noting my thanks to those readers who have already provided feedback through the survey mentioned previously. If you haven’t already done so and would like to, I’d welcome your thoughts :)

The feedback has been very positive, thank you, it seems this modest effort does indeed fill a useful niche for folk in among the other sources out there so will keep at it, with a few tweaks to come.

New Projects

  • Picasso – Functions as a Service (FaaS) – Details here in the Wiki – From Derek Schultz

End of Week Wrap-ups

Just the two from the last weeks of December from Ruby Loo and Richard Jones for Ironic and Horizon respectively.

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

The Forum in More Detail

From Tom Fifield an email over on the OpenStack mailing list where he points to an article he wrote that goes into some detail about the upcoming “Forum”.  The Forums along with the PTG events are the nominal replacement of the Design Summits of old.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

  • [All] Proposing Steve Martinelli for project-team-guide core – Thierry Carrez
  • [Docs] Stepping down from Core – Matt Kassawara
  • [Ironic] Stepping down as PTL after this cycle – Jim Rollenhagen
  • [Kolla] Removal of Dave Wang from the kolla-kubernetes-core team – Steven Dake


Further reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case


Due in part to the absence of a fully operational home office (and in particular speakers) post move, no tunes for this week’s Lwood :)

Last but by no means least, thanks, as always, to Rackspace :)

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