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Basic Stats for the week 28 November to 4 December for openstack-dev:

  • ~407 Messages (up about 11% relative to last week)
  • ~120 Unique threads (down about 4% percent relative to last week)

While the Message count was up this was mostly due to a couple of threads running quite long, the Thread count itself more or less within the normal week to week variance.  All considered a fairly quiet week on the list, but some good discussions as you’ll see…

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

The Future of OpenStack Needs You

Is the email subject Ildikó Vancsa used in a timely rallying cry seeking folk to get involved in the various mentoring and training efforts that are undertaken prior to the Summits.  She notes that the training at tje Barcelona Summit was very successful (90+ attendees) and that there’s a desire to have more people get involved in this very worthwhile endeavour.

Baseball Win Results in Cirros Image Password Change

Ihar Hrachyshka notes that the recent win by the Chicago Cubs in US World Series Baseball finals has resulted in a change to the default password for the popular Cirros images.  It was ‘cubswin:)’ but is now ‘gocubsgo’

As Scott Moser points out in a reply to the thread, it wasn’t a “just because” change – amongst other things the ‘:)’ characters were hard or impossible to type from some devices/consoles – hence reverting to alphabet only but retaining the spirit of the original :)

Community wide Goals for Pike

Emilien Macchi wrote a short update about the endeavour to accomplish OpenStack Wide goals each release, for Ocata it was “Remove copies of Incubated Oslo Code” – the process is now starting to arrive at similar goal(s) for Pike.  He puts forward three actions that can be taken now towards this: (paraphrased) – soliciting feedback for the first iteration of this process, looking at the goals backlog and choosing some goals for Pike.

Emilien closes in thanking folk for their participation and inviting feedback.

OpenStack-Ansible Deployment Guide goes live

Alexandra Settle announced the OpenStack-Ansible Deployment Guide is now available on the docs.openstack.org website.

While a very useful piece of work in it’s own right, it has an additional positive effect of paving the way for many other deployment projects to publish their deployment guides.

Allowing Teams based on Vendor Specific Drivers

Doug Hellman kicked off one of the longer and more involved (but all but entirely constructive) threads of the week past.  In it he seeks to open the conversation about how best to be inclusive for teams/projects that are specific to vendor hardware without compromising the broader OpenStack goals of openness and inclusiveness.

In essence the issue is that a project that is solely dedicated to providing drivers for a (say) FooBar Electronics™ network adaptor will likely largely involve staff attached to FooBar Electronics (FBE) the company.  This can lead to a bit of a mono-culture or, if FBE act poorly, mean they can make it hard/impossible for outsiders to contribute.  On the other hand, FBE (rightly, I think) want it to be clear that they are contributing positively to OpenStack and that their hardware is considered legitimately supported by OpenStack.

I think the wrinkle, by and large becomes the right balance between wording/rules on the one hand and trust of organisations to do the right thing on the other.  The Linux Kernel community has managed this pretty well over the years and there were a couple of posts that alludes to that fact and there are some lessons that might be drawn on.

It’s an interesting thread to read and an important one – OpenStack has an unusually high reliance on “Enterprise” grade hardware and unusually high expectations on it working solidly.  And that hardware of course isn’t just servers, it’s network switches and other broader infrastructure.

OpenStack Summit Barcelona summary of summaries

A final reminder that there’s a summary of summaries from the summit in Barcelona here.

End of Week Wrap-ups

To their credit, Ruby Loo and Richard Jones have been keeping the cadence of these weekly summaries going – just the thing if you want a nicely detailed, single point update on Ironic and Horizon respectively.

Upcoming Survey: The Future of Lwood

Please keep an eye out – as 2016 draws to a close I’m contemplating the future of Lwood – the feedback I get is consistently positive (thanks!) but it’s harder to get a feel for the overall reach/readership. To that end I’ll be doing a little survey in the coming couple of weeks and would welcome your feedback please when the time comes – a link will be in the next few Lwoods.

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

If you’re an operator, please consider participating in the Deployment/Installation survey that Piet Kruithof mentions on the OpenStack-Operators list as they need a few more respondents.  Other than that things were pretty quiet, at least from an Lwood standpoint on the various other OpenStack lists.

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Further reading

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