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Basic Stats for the week 31 October to 6 November for openstack-dev:

  • ~424 Messages (up about 182% relative to last week)
  • ~163 Unique threads (up about 139% relative to last week)

No surprises that traffic both in message and thread count bounced back this week after a Summit induced lull last week.  Even with this dramatic rebound, the overall message count still only at about 75% of the long term average.

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

OpenStack Summit Barcelona summary of summaries

Following the well received item put together after the Austin summit, here is a summary of the various posts to the list this week past that err, summarised what happened in Barcelona.  The majority of them are project specific, a couple are personal recollections that span the event as a whole.

My apologies to anyone missed – please feel free to email corrections!  As per the Austin summit, these will get collated into an overall Barcelona page in the next week or so.  Stay tuned :)

Minor tweak to Ocata Release Date

Doug Hellman writes that the release date for Ocata will now be Wednesday February 22 instead of Thursday February 23, this to give the Release team more time during the final week to prepare packages after the final tags are applied.

Changes to Release Announcements

Thierry Carrez advised that there are plans afoot to create a new mailing list (likely called release-announce) to which all automated/bot generated release information would go.  This intended in part to reduce the “noise” that occurs when project that comprise many components do a new spin.

The reply-to field will point to openstack-dev so that normal discourse can occur there and the list will, by default, be in digest mode – again to minimise inbox noise.  More details in Thierry’s post and the ensuing thread.

Cross Project Discussion about Proprietary Driver Code

Sean McGinnis gave a rundown on a cross-project session that was held last week about the use of proprietary code, libraries, binaries etc. in OpenStack drivers.  As he alludes to, some of the challenges faced include where to draw the line with the drivers and what is an appropriate policy to have in place for this overall – to determine what is ok and what isn’t.

A short but important thread, worthy of your time if you’re working with hardware that makes use of code that falls into these categories.

New OpenStack Project – Valence

Malini Bhandaru wrote to announce Valence – a project that provides support for integrating Rack Scale Devices into OpenStack.

OpenStack Conference in Canberra, Australia

Courtesy of Michael Still – a heads up about an upcoming OpenStack Foundation event in Canberra.

I will concede that I am being unashamedly parochial in singling out an OpenStack conference in my home town – but hey, if you’re around, check it out and please find me and come say hi! :)

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

Another quiet week on the other lists, at least from an Lwood perspective.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes


Further reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case


This weeks edition of Lwood once again brought to you by the birdsongs and other background sounds of Brunswick, Melbourne.

Last but by no means least, thanks, as always, to Rackspace :)

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