Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week just past. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for the week 17 to 23 October for openstack-dev:

  • ~463 Messages (down about 8% relative to last week)
  • ~206 Unique threads (up about 26% relative to last week)

A quieter week this week overall – higher thread count largely due to lots of single posts or short threads – many of them summit logistics related as well as a fair few relating to the new project logos (which look pretty slick!)

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

Admin Guides in tree too ?

Lana Brindley looped the list into a conversation that started on openstack-docs where Jay Faulkner noted that the Ironic team were fans of the new install-guide model.  Jay asked in part if this in-tree model could also be applied to the admin guide.  A bit of mini chorus of “oh yes us too” ensued.  Lana would welcome feedback/participation from other projects on this thread.

What Do Customers Want – answered!

Piet Kruithof drew attention to the availability of results from six studies that have been compiled by the OpenStack UX project in collaboration with Intel and the broader community.  Well worth a read.

Announcing Meteos – a Machine Learning project

Hiroyuki Eguchi announced Meteos, a project that provides Machine Learning as a Service in Apach Spark.

From Hiroyuki-san’s email: “Meteos allows users to analyze huge amount of data and predict a value by data mining and machine learning algorithms. Meteos create a workspace of Machine Learning via OpenStack Sahara’s spark plugin and manage some resources and jobs regarding Machine Learning.”

OpenStack User Survey results announced

Heidi Joy Tretheway noted that the results of the OpenStack Foundation’s eight User Survey are now available. More details in Heidi Joy’s email or on the foundation website here.

Project Mascots Revealed!

Also from Heidi Joy Tretheway was the announcement that the new project logos are ready for feedback – there’s even a sneak peek of many of them up.

End of week reports

Just the one this week that I noted – for Ironic courtesy of Ruby Loo.

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

Another quiet week on the other lists, at least from an Lwood perspective – but as noted last week, if you’re an Operator and attending the Barcelona Summit, please consider helping Piet Kruithof and team out by participating in the usability studies they have planned.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes


Further reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case


This weeks edition of Lwood brought to you by Bruce Hornsby (Harbor Lights), The String Contingent (Facets) and Deep Purple (The House of Blue Light)

Last but by no means least, thanks, as always, to Rackspace :)

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