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Basic Stats for the week 3 to 9 October for openstack-dev:

  • ~392 Messages (down about 7% relative to last week)
  • ~134 Unique threads (down about 31% relative to last week)

Message count down a little, thread count down quite a lot – mostly a side effect I think of a couple of longer (25+ message) threads during the week.

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

TC Election Results

On behalf of the electoral team, Tony Breeds announced the TC Elections results late in the week – our new TC members are Sean Dague, Doug Hellmann, Emilien Macchi, Steve Martinelli, Jeremy Stanley and Monty Taylor.

Call for Mentors at Barcelona Events

Emily Kate Hugenbruch notes there are a couple of great volunteer mentoring opportunities at the Barcelona Summit.  First one is assisting with the Upstream University program, the second being involved in the Speed Mentoring Breakfast that Intel are sponsoring on Tuesday morning.  Full details in Emily Kate’s post.

TC Election process discussions

An interesting thread cropped up early in the week about the TC election process, kicked off by this email from Ed Leafe.  Ed proposes some tweaks to timing so that the Candidate statements be available for a bit longer so that folk have more time to read and digest them before voting starts.  He additionally suggests considering making the statements anonymous so that there is less bias on the basis of the extent to which a candidate is known or popular.
As parts of the the subsequent discussion point out, this latter has the difficulty that sometimes people do, naturally, rely on those personal connections and associations to make voting decisions.  An interesting thread and worth a read if you’re interested in the governance side of OpenStack.

Deprecating the Ceilometer API

Julien Danjou suggested deprecating the Ceilometer API as much of the functionality it provides has now devolved into other projects under the Telemetry banner, Aodh and Panko among them.

A brief thread but if metrics or alarms/autoscale are up your alley worth a read – my take is the Telemetry project over all still wants to do all these things but the approach is changing somewhat.

Architecture Working Group propose APAC friendly meeting time

Clint Byrum notes that the Architecture Working Group are proposing an alternating odd/even schedule for meetings such that every second session will be an APAC friendly time (proposed as 0100 UTC Thursdays).  Woohoo, no more 6am meetings ;)

End of Cycle Retrospectives / Postmortems

With Newton all but done, projects are doing retrospectives, this week Sridhar Ramaswamy posted one for Tacker.

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

Nothing that leapt out from the other lists this week, other than the small matter of the OpenStack Newton release officially being announced in this post from Doug Hellman!  Congratulations to all involved, a great accomplishment.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes


Further reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case


No tunes this week as your humble correspondent was, alas, somewhat distracted by other matters and not in a tune kinda a mood :/  On a brighter note – looking forward to giving this a spin later in the week.

Last but by no means least, thanks, as always, to Rackspace :)

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