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Basic Stats for week 27 June to 3 July 2016 for openstack-dev:

  • ~523 Messages (up about 9% relative to last week)
  • ~171 Unique threads (up about 11% relative to last week)

Bit busier this week, will likely fall off a bit next week though due to various holidays in North America I suspect… :)

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

Proposal for an Architecture Working Group – Review now in Gerrit

After further constructive discussion Clint Byrum’s well reasoned proposal for the creation of an Architecture Working Group from a few weeks back progressed to a review as mentioned in this email .

Midcycle Summaries

No new Summaries this week that I could find, but Ruby Loo sought further feedback about the Ironic midcycle (expertly summarised by Mathieu Mitchell here) that they might improve the experience all round.

TripleO Deep Dives

James Slagle proposes running a weekly hour long session to dig into topics related to TripleO.  He proposes using a high bandwidth medium (Google Hangouts for example) to run these sessions.

A very favourable response, looks like the sessions will be 1400 UTC on Thursdays, more info in the original post or the etherpad.  Could be a good model for any number of projects I suspect!

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

GUTS – a tool for migrating assets between OpenStack deployments

Michael Strang posted a question about data migration from Juno to Mitaka in reply to which Roland Chan pointed out the good work being done on GUTS – “A Workload migration engine designed to automatically move existing workloads and virtual machines from various virtualisation platforms to OpenStack” Looks rather neat!

Upcoming OpenStack Events


Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s Events Page for a list of general events that is frequently updated.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case

Random things I read this week;

  • Like last week, it was a bit of a frantic one this week past so not much to report alas

This edition of Lwood brought to you by the happy sounds of family pottering about our home.

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