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Basic Stats for week 20 June to 26 June 2016 for openstack-dev:

  • ~478 Messages (down about 15% relative to last week)
  • ~154 Unique threads (down about 12% relative to last week)

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

Midcycle Summaries

Just the one so far – Ironic Midcycle Summary courtesy of Mathieu Mitchell.

Proposal for an Architecture Working Group picks up steam

Late the week before last Clint Byrum penned a well reasoned proposal for the creation of an Architecture Working Group – at the time of last weeks Lwood then there had been little discussion.

The thread picked up quite a bit this week just past in what was at times a somewhat impassioned but collegiate discussion – looks like a draft charter will appear for comment in Gerrit before long.

Release naming for P and Q open for nominations

Monty Taylor noted that it’s time to suggest names for the P and Q releases of OpenStack, nominations close at midnight UTC on Wednesday 28 June.  Voting will commence thereafter once the eligibility of names has been checked.

There’s already been a suggestion for “Panda” which may well meet the “really cool but not place name” test :)

Status of the OpenStack port to Python 3

Victor Stinner provided an update on the progress in porting to Python 3. Three projects are yet to be ported – Nova, Trove and Swift, the consensus from the ensuing thread seems to be that it’s too late to be done by Newton but is an achievable and desirable goal for Ocata.

(Answered) What do OpenStack Developers work on upstream of OpenStack ?

Last week Doug Hellman posed the question of what OpenStack Developer work on upstream of OpenStack.

He kindly took the time to collate the results in a blog post. Unsurprisingly it’s a long list and an interesting read to be sure!

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

Feedback from app developers sought

Piet Kruithof points out that the OpenStack UX project with support from the Foundation and TC are looking to build a community of application and software developers interested in providing feedback at key points during the development process ?

Sound a good initiative, please consider participating!

Upcoming OpenStack Events


Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s Events Page for a list of general events that is frequently updated.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

  • [Fuel] Nominating Dmitry Burmistrov for core reviewers of fuel-mirror – Sergey Kulanov

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case

Random things I read this week;

  • Was a bit of a head down tails up week this week past so not much to report alas

This edition of Lwood brought to you by Bruce Hornsby (Hot House, Levitate and The Way It Is) among a smattering of other tunes…


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