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Basic Stats for week 13 June to 19 June 2016 for openstack-dev:

  • ~562 Messages (up about 1% relative to last week)
  • ~175 Unique threads (down about 8% relative to last week)

Traffic pretty steady this week :)

Notable Discussions – openstack-dev

Announcing What’s Happening in OpenStack-Ansible (“WHOA”)

Major Hayden announced the first of a monthly blog posts he’ll be doing to give an update on what’s happening in Ansible.  It’s a well written read and bound to be of interest to OpenStack Developers and Operators alike.  Major kindly notes that his reading of Lwood was something of a catalyst for starting this endeavour.  Check it out :)

Proposal for an Architecture Working Group

Late in the week Clint Byrum penned a well reasoned proposal for the creation of an Architecture Working Group.  As he puts it “This group’s charge would not be design by committee, but a place for architects to share their designs and gain support across projects to move forward with and ratify architectural decisions. That includes coordinating exploratory work that may turn into being the base of further architectural decisions for OpenStack.”

He goes on to add that his expectation is that people involved in the group would largely be senior at the companies involved and be in a position to help prioritise this work by advocating for resources to be contributed to make the work in question real.

At the time of writing just the one reply to the thread, but a positive one, have a read and see what you think :)

What do OpenStack Developers work on upstream of OpenStack ?

Was the question posed by Doug Hellmann early in the week.  Doug went on to clarify that he was interested to gather information about contributions OpenStack Developers make that “were in some way triggered or related to their work on OpenStack.”

Though the thread is as yet fairly short, in part I suspect because Doug suggested offline replies which he’ll summarise, it’s already an interesting mix.  Folk have noted work on everything from Linux kernel internals, to documentation in other FOSS projects to ISO8601 (I had to look it up too – date and time formats) and a myraid of other things.  Will be interesting to see Dougs summary when it’s published!

Towards ensuring level playing fields for OpenStack Projects

One of the longer threads this week past was kicked off by Thierry Carrez in this post. Thierry outlines some concerns about, in essence, ensuring that new OpenStack projects which seek to become Official projects are unlikely to become overly dominated by any one organisation/company.

From the original proposed change: “The project shall provide a level open collaboration playing field for all contributors. The project shall not not benefit a single vendor, or a single vendors product offerings; nor advantage contributors from a single vendor organization due to access to source code, hardware, resources or other proprietary technology available only to those contributors.”

The review comments in Gerrit are largely positive and my read of the thread itself is the general consensus there is likewise positive – Thierry makes the point that the guidelines are used by humans that interpret them on a case by case basis which should ensure the basic intent is carried out reasonably.

All seems pretty sensible to your humble correspondent :)

A look under the hood of Nova datastructures

If you’ve ever been curious to look under the hood of Nova, Matt Booth put together a nice little summary of his journey through the data structures used in the block device section of same.

There is no Jenkins, only Zuul

How could one not include a thread with such a cool $SUBJECT – particularly with a new Ghostbusters film just around the corner ?

Silliness on my part aside – James Blair gives a concise update on the ongoing work that has seen much of the project automation used in OpenStack migrate from Jenkins to Zuul – the latter being developed specifically with OpenStack in mind.

Notable Discussions – other OpenStack lists

An OPS Cross Project Liaison ?

So asks Lana Brindley in her post to the Openstack-Operators mailing list.  Lana notes that the Docs team have a number of Cross Project Liaisons (CPLs) with OpenStack projects to coordinate documentation related matters but no such person exists on the Operators side – and she seeks volunteers.  Seems a good plan :)

User Research/Usability Study

Also on the -Ops list is an email from Piet Kruithof noting that Danielle Mundle will contributing to upstream by helping to conduct user research on behalf of the OpenStack community.

He goes on to say that “One of her priorities is to begin investigating how operators both learn about OpenStack and triage issues within their deployments.  As a result, you may receive an email invite from the foundation to participate in some form of research such as an interview, focus group or usability study.”

Upcoming OpenStack Events


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