OpenStack Summit Austin 2016 Summary of Summaries


In the three editions of Lwood since the Austin Summit I provided a summary of mailing list posts where the writer had provided a summary of particular Design Summit Project sessions.

The list below is the combination of these in one (hopefully!) easily searchable list – saves trawling through each Lwood to find them :)

Project Summaries

Summaries posted to the OpenStack-Dev mailing list

Edits: 18/5/16 to add Assaf Muller’s Neutron summary (thanks to Boden Russell for pointing it out);


During the summit a colleague in the Product Working Group suggested that given the mailing list would be quiet, perhaps I could summarise all the Etherpads.  I looked into this and, well, doing it comprehensively is a task beyond my modest abilities and available time, but a few pointers might be of use;

Note that many of the per project summaries mentioned above that went to the OpenStack-dev mailing list link to the relevant Etherpad(s) too.


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