Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week just past. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 2 May to 8 May 2016:

  • ~659 Messages (up about 102% relative to last week)
  • ~206 Unique threads (up about 94% relative to last week)

List traffic bounced back to almost exactly pre-summit levels this week past.

Notable Discussions

Swift News

John Dickinson penned a couple of posts to the list last week with some significant news for the Swift project;

In the first he flags the plans for the feature/hummingbird branch which amongst other things includes portions of Swift being written/re-written in go.  Perhaps most noteworthy is the integration of the feature/crypto work to provide at-rest encryption.

In the second he notes that the project is moving away from using the swift-specs repo to collate/debate and manage ideas for future work.  It has instead been replaced by a “shared brain dump” area – aka a Wiki page https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/ideas.

Next Summit Locations

After Barcelona, we’re off to Boston in May 2017 and then Sydney in November 2017 :)

Recognising Glance Cores

Nikhil Komawar wrote an amusing and heartfelt thanks to the glance cores :)

Austin OpenStack Summit Wrapup – Part II

Once again a lot of post-Summit traffic on the list – here are some curated links to summaries posted to the mailing list and/or etherpads

Summaries on List

A bunch of summaries posted to the list this past week;

Incidentally – if you found the above useful, please shoot me a quick email as it’s a fairly labour intensive summary, one I’m happy to do if it’s actually useful for folk, might skip in future if not!

Upcoming OpenStack Events


A few midcycles being organised already;

Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s comprehensive Events Page for a comprehensive list that is frequently updated.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

  • [Cinder] Nominating Michał Dulko to Cinder Core – Sean McGinnis
  • [Tricircle] Proposing Shinobu Kinjo for Tricircle core reviewer – Joe Huang
  • [Openstack-ansible] Nominate Major Hayden for core in openstack-ansible-security – Travis Truman
  • [UX] OpenStack UX core nomination for Lana Brindley and Shamail Tahir – Peter Kruithof Jr.

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case

This edition of Lwood brought to you from various points on the road between San Antonio, Texas, USA and Melbourne, Australia.  Been battling a flu so no tunes this time :)

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