Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week just past. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 18 to 24 April 2016:

  • ~752 Messages (up about 19% relative to last week)
  • ~190 Unique threads (down about 2% relative to last week)

The overall Thread count was about the same, but a couple of quite long threads upped the Message count significantly.

Notable Discussions

Winding down the kolla-mesos project ?

It looks like the kolla-mesos project faces an uncertain future.  In a post earlier in the week Steve Dake notes that the major implementers of the project “don’t intend to continue its development within the Kolla project governance” and so development is being scaled back.

Sergey Lukanov clarifies things midweek in his post – seemingly efforts are now instead being put into a kubernetes based approach which will be developed with the relevant upstream projects.

Even if the specific projects involved aren’t particularly on your radar, Sergey’s post and the brief discourse that follows make an interesting read and a good example (IMHO) of pragmatic decision making.  Likewise the thread following Steve’s post provides a good summary of what standard practice is nowadays for a project being wound up.

Summit Preparations aplenty

As one might expect, a bunch of project specific posts flagging the whereabouts of relevant etherpads, formal and informal meetings and the like.

I’m not sure I’ve captured all of them, so I’d encourage you do your own quick search, but posts I did find included Heat, TripleO, Puppet, OpenStack-Operators and Glance.

I also note there were many cancellation notices for standing meetings – once again double check but whatever OpenStack project meeting you’d normally have, is probably off for this coming week at least!

Party Party Party!

Michael Krotscheck notes that HPE are looking for sponsors to continue the Core Party after Austin.

As the thread goes on to discuss, the Core Party has been a somewhat contentious event, seen by many as being at odds with the inclusionary nature of the OpenStack Community – this no reflection on the organisation sponsoring it more it’s existence at all as I read it.

The thread goes on to note that one desirable aspect of the parties has been the opportunity it presented for a quiet conversation.  Tom Fifield helpfully points out that there will be spaces at the Tuesday night “Street Party” that will facilitate this very thing with some quiet spaces where the music isn’t so loud.

Users Managing Users

Adrian Turjak wrote an introduction to StackTask – a project that will “allow users to self manage additional users and roles on their projects without being admin, but in future will grow to handle other normally admin restricted tasks.“

It’s all Open Source software, well tested (in use in production), uses Keystone underneath so isn’t re-inventing the wheel and, usefully, is easily pluggable/extensible.

The user management piece is up and running – and what the authors required primarily, but they look to now be shifting their efforts toward a richer feature set.  Worth a look :)

Proposal for a Massively Distributed Cloud Working Group

Adrien Lebre penned a proposal for the creation of a new Working Group to provide a forum to discuss massively distributed (or the so called Fog/Edge Computing paradigm) use cases.  The main distinction to current large scale deployment working groups looks to be the emphasis on geographical (WAN-wide) distribution of resources and the attendant issues this introduces.

There will be a presentation or two at the Summit this week in Austin as well as a proposed face to face session on Tuesday afternoon at same.

L3 High Availability testing at beyond desktop scale

Ann Kamyshnikova’s email announced the results of some interesting work she’s been doing on a 49 node system (3 controllers, 46 compute) looking at the performance of Neutron.

The ensuing thread discussed the results and also flagged the availability of a large (100’s of nodes) cluster that is available to all through OSIC.

Release Hiatus until 2 May

Doug Hellman reminds us that with the majority of the Release team travelling to Summit or about to, there will be no further releases until May 2nd unless anything dramatic crops up.

Upcoming OpenStack Events

Events wise, really “just” lots of discussion around the Austin summit :)

Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s comprehensive Events Page for a comprehensive list that is frequently updated.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – most recent ones linked in each case

This edition of Lwood brought to you from sunny Austin, Texas, USA, surrounded by my wonderful fellow OpenStack developers and users. No tunes other than what drifted up from 6th Street one evening when I was working on it a little earlier in the week :)

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