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Basic Stats for week 4 to 10 April 2016:

  • ~615 Messages (down nearly 12% relative to last week)
  • ~189 Unique threads (down around 20% relative to last week)

A little quieter this week on the list and my cold/flu has finally just about gone :)

Notable Discussions

TC Elections

Tony Breeds reported the results of the TC elections that wrapped up late last week, the full results are available here.  The seven successful candidates were – Thierry Carrez, Morgan Fainberg, John Garbutt, Flavio Percoco, Mike Perez, Matthew Treinish and Davanum Srinivas.

In his post, Eoghan Glynn did some interesting post election analysis about voter participation rates, in short they seem to be dropping about 10% per election despite an average increase in voter base of more than 20% over the same period.  The thread continued a little with some discussion about the nature of the voter base (one time contributors to OpenStack vs more engaged contributors) and how this might be analysed in the future. All in all an interesting read.

Handling FPGAs as resources for Nova ?

Roman Dobosz kicked off an interesting thread about integrating FPGA resources into OpenStack through Nova.

With a growing interest in acceleration hardware of all sorts of different forms and end functions, it’s a matter of when not if we’ll need a well integrated and hardware agnostic way of doing this within OpenStack.

Pleasingly there seems to be a good range of voices in the discussion, at a cursory glance I saw mention of x86, ARM and POWER architectures as well as NFV, GPU and Crypto style use cases.  Interesting times! :)

Gaming Stackalytics Stats ?

Davanum Srinivas flagged some concerns around the potential for OpenStack contributors to “game” their statistics as reported by the popular Stackalytics website.  This kicked off quite an interesting thread – the nub of the issue being what appear to be somewhat arbitrary +1’s of proposed changes.

In the ensuing discussion it was pointed out that some guides for people new to OpenStack recommend, if informally, reviewing code to learn about it and then using +1 to flag you’ve done so.  Instead it’s been suggested that greater use be made of +0 which has traditionally been taken to mean either “I have a question” or “I’ve read this but not really equipped to judge”.

Upcoming OpenStack Events

Events wise, really “just” lots of discussion around the summit in Austin later this month.

Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s comprehensive Events Page for a comprehensive list that is frequently updated.

People and Projects

Core nominations & changes

  • [Horizon] Proposing Rob Cresswell to Horizon core – Matthias Runge
  • [Ironic] Proposing Anton Arefiev to ironic-inspector-core – Dmitry Tantsur
  • [Neutron] Nominating Assaf Muller to Neutron core team – Armando M
  • [Neutron] Proposing Hirofumi Ichihara to Neutron core team – Akihiro Motoki

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news

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