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Basic Stats for week 22 to 28 February 2016:

  • ~635 Messages (up about 9% relative to last week)
  • ~194 Unique threads (up about 4% relative to last week)

A busier week and one that includes of the longest threads I’ve seen thus far – 95 messages and counting in the discussion around separating the design summit. More on that thread below :)

Notable Discussions

A proposal to separate the Design and Conference parts of Summit

In this post Thierry Carrez puts forward a well reasoned proposal to separate the Design and general Conference parts of the OpenStack Summit.

At 95 messages and counting it is predictably becoming quite a long but I think largely constructive thread, the general consensus seems to be towards this being a good idea. What remains a little unclear is how this might play out in practice for people – will the split mean an extra couple of trips a year, or the same number of trips but slightly different foci to them ?

Thierry provides a helpful summary of the discussion so far as it stood towards the end of the week in this email. Mike Perez gives an excellent summary of the thread as at the time of his weekly digest in this message.

Giving the tox/pytest Sprint a helping hand

In this email Ryan Brown draws attention to the IndieGoGo campaign to help raise funds for the tox/pytest sprint planned for late June in Freiburg, Germany.

The funds raised go directly towards covering the costs of the core attendees – Ryan commends individuals to contribute as well as suggesting its something the OpenStack Foundation might wish to pitch in towards.

State of Fernet tokens in Keystone

Adam Young gives a quick update on the state of Fernet tokens in Keystone – something a bunch of folk seem to either be counting on or are at least interested in, including a couple of my erstwhile colleagues at the office :)

The tests that fail at least seem to be understood based on the comments that follow, so looks like we’re in reasonable shape!

Two additions to the Big Tent

Two additions to the Big Tent were announced last week, Dragonflow (a distributed SDN controller) and Kuryr (a networking/integration bridge between Docker and Neutron)  Thanks to Eran Gampel and Gal Sagle respectively for the update.

New cross project meetings for Quotas WG

Following up some recent interest around cross project initiatives for Quotas, Nikhil Komawar writes of upcoming cross project meetings to gather interested minds around this work.

Know your audience – release notes

Doug Hellmann kicked off an interesting thread later in the week reminding all of the need to consider who your audience is when putting release notes together. Doug notes there are at least three potential audiences for release notes – Developers consuming libraries or other code directly, Deployers and operators; End-users.  All have different needs when it comes to release notes, albeit with a fair amount of overlap.  A worthwhile thread to review and feedback is as always welcomed.

Some Midcycle and Ops Summit Summaries

It’s Ops and Midcycle season (!) – here some summaries that drifted by last week – apologies for any missed.

Upcoming OpenStack Events

Unless I missed it (certainly possible in 195+ threads) no new events came up on the list this week. Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s comprehensive Events Page for a comprehensive list!

People and Projects

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news

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