Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week ending 24 January 2016. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 18 to 24 January 2016:

  • ~502 Messages (down about 16% relative to last week)
  • ~183 Unique threads (down a bit under 7% relative to last week)

List traffic bouncing around the average level again now :)

Notable Discussions

All hail Newton and Ocata!

Monty Taylor announced the names of the next two release cycles.  The N release – Newton – is named after “Newton House” a historic site in Austin, Texas.  The O release – Ocata – is the name of a beach (and, apparently, bar) 20 minutes train ride from Barcelona, Spain.  If you read this, and are going to be in Barcelona and are the first to email me, I’ll buy you a drink in Ocata :)

Stabilisation cycles – a call to move a good idea forward

Flavio Percoco kicked off a long but worthwhile thread on the idea of having stabilisation cycles where projects can focus on stabilising the code base and consolidating things versus so much emphasis on new features.

It’s a cogent and positive proposal as is the discussion that follows – it speaks usefully into the matter of paying down technical debt as well as recognising that a cycle without new features is not without its difficulties for some.

New Ceilometer Plugin

collectd-ceilometer-plugin, announced here by Emma Foley, is a plugin that (as the name suggests) makes system statistics gathered by collectd available to Ceilometer.  Definitely useful stuff :)

Progress on Tap as a Service (TaaS)

As a follow up to the demonstration of TaaS in Vancouver, Reedip Banerjee sent a brief update on the work being done by the team and invited feedback on the latest cut of the specification.

Release Countdown for week R-10

Doug Hellmann posted a reminder that teams should be focussing on wrapping up new feature work and stabilising recent additions to the codebase now the second milestone is behind us.  Please take a moment to read his post for the full details.

Recording release information for Independent/Un-Managed Projects

Also from Doug Hellman – a note that independent and unmanaged projects should be providing information about releases so the the releases repo can make it available for reference.

He notes in a later post that there are plans to automate this in the future based on tagging, but for now it’s a manual process.

Demo of Vitrage – a Root Cause Analysis engine for OpenStack

Vitrage was announced at the Mitaka Summit and a later post to the list provided some more information on the project (mentioned also in Lwood-20151122)

Last week Alexey Weyl posted an update to the list announcing the project’s first demo – an encouraging looking few minutes of YouTube footage of Vitrage showing topology information based on information from Nova.

Update on Cross-Project Specs and your project

Following on from his post of last week, Mike Perez notes with thanks to all involved that the Project Team Guide has now been approved.  As he goes on to say “…please coordinate with your team to sign up…”

Tip: parsing json in logs and elsewhere

Matt Riedemann’s post kicked off a brief but helpful discourse on how to make otherwise fairly impenetrable chunks of linenoise json more human readable.  A brief thread but if you’ve ever had to decypher logs with chunks of json in it, might just be your friend and an opportunity to learn a neat tip from others…

Upcoming OpenStack Events

A summary of OpenStack related events that cropped up on the mailing list this past week.  Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s excellent Events Page for a comprehensive list!


People and Projects

Further Reading & Miscellanea

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