Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week ending 27th December 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 21st to 27th December 2015 :

  • ~307 Messages (down almost 50% relative to last week)
  • ~121 Unique threads (down about 34% relative to last week)

If nothing else we can perhaps conclude from the drop in traffic that OpenStack developers know when to take a break, may well be I need to learn something from them :)

Notable Discussions

IRC meetings warning: two “odd” weeks coming up (!)

Many of the IRC meetings within the OpenStack community are scheduled on a bi-weekly basis according to ISO week number.

Thierry Carrez points out that this will cause some quirks as there are two odd numbered weeks one after the other (Wk53 immediately precedes Wk1).

Due to a bug in the way they’re generated, the automatically generated iCals will be out of sync until they regenerate on Week 1.

Note that many projects are not running regular meetings until early January in any case – there is an at least partial list of the projects affected in the “General Events” section below.

Survey/feedback sought on network software verification research

Arseniy Zaostrovnykh posts that he is doing some research on the verification of network applications as part of the EPFL PhD program.  The team he’s involved with are keen to maximize the utility of what they’re working on and so are conducting a small survey.  

While there’s not a lot more detail in the post itself joining some dots based on the questions asked leads me to think it could be quite an interesting project… :)

Upcoming OpenStack Events

A summary of OpenStack related events that cropped up on the mailing list this past week that seemed worth calling out.  Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s excellent Events Page for a comprehensive list!

General Events

Once again a reminder that many projects and working groups are cancelling or altering the schedule of their regular IRC meetings for the period spanning the last week of December 2015 into early January 2016.

Those I’m aware of are listed below, but worth double checking any that you usually attend to save that unnecessary early morning start or late night :)

  • A (possibly incomplete) list for this week: Nova, CloudKitty, Telemetry, Neutron, Ironic, Cross Project Meeting, Vitrage, Puppet, Watcher, Cinder and Sahara
  • For reference the (also possibly incomplete) list from last week’s Lwood: NFV, TelcoWG, Neutron, DVR, Searchlight, Horizon, Glance, Fuel, QA, Performance, Nova, Tacker, Stable, Freezer, Lbaas and Octavia


People and Projects

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news – all three are currently on vacation by the looks so links are to the most recent edition :)


This edition of Lwood brought to you by Tal Wilkenfeld (Transformation), Miles Davis (Amandla, Birth of The Cool), Peter Gabriel (Shaking The Tree) amongst other excellent tunes.

In closing the last Lwood of 2015, I extend to you the wish that 2016 will bring you all that you need and a fun amount of what you want :)

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