Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week ending 6th December 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 30th November to 6th December 2015 :

  • ~793 Messages (up about 28% relative to last week)
  • ~232 Threads (up about 26% relative to last week)

Traffic and threads up markedly this week – R1 milestone traffic and some long technical threads at least part of the trend.

Notable Discussions

Semi automated static code analysis of OpenStack modules

Péter Hegedűs writes of work underway at the University of Szeged in conjunction with Ericsson Hungary that seeks to harden the codebase and so improve the overall quality of OpenStack.  

They are using an interesting combination of automated code analysis and manual review to find things like long/complex methods, duplicated code and so forth.  Worth checking out the information in the original thread or on the Wiki page they’ve put together.

Improving the effectiveness of Cross-project specs

Mike Perez puts forward an excellent suggestion for improving the effectiveness of Cross-Project specifications.  The essence of the idea is that projects nominate a cross-project liaison person who can take some of the load off the PTL by explicitly keeping an eye on things that come in to the project from the cross-project repo and ensure they get the attention required.

A neat (and well received) solution – please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the proposal particularly if if you’re a PTL or Core :)

Should DefCore explicitly require running Linux as a compute capability ?

Chris Hodge posts a request for comment on whether Defcore should explicitly require running Linux as as a compute capability.  This is an offshoot of an earlier conversation (reported in Lwood-20151122) kicked off by Egle Sigler which raised the more general question of what should and shouldn’t be OS specific.

It’s a pretty nuanced matter (and isn’t as simple as should we always be able to “run Linux”) – the summary document is worth a skim if DefCore is up your alley :)

New Mitaka Release Schedule Page

Thierry Carrez notes that “As part of the effort to move reference information off the wiki to a more peer-reviewable area, the Mitaka release schedule page was moved…” it’s new home is http://docs.openstack.org/releases/schedules/mitaka.html.

In the post he goes on to explain that projects can now propose their own deadlines through a page in the git repository and asks that projects add their information to same – the aim being to make the page a one stop shop for release information across OpenStack as a whole.

Desperately seeking the Java mirror person

Well perhaps not desperately, but Michael Krotscheck tells of a conversation some months ago on #openstack-infra where someone asked for a maven repository mirror for java builds.  He’s not been able to find trace of the person or conversation and would like to follow up with them :)

He also invites anyone else curious about the topic to help review the spec and/or patches.

OpenStack Health Dashboard

Matthew Treinish announces a rather neat test results dashboard that provides information from the gate.  Rather cool, rather useful!

Privacy issues with some OpenStack documentation ?

Thomas Goirand kicked off a couple of threads (1st here,  2nd here) late in the week both flagging concerns about the use of Google Analytics, generic CDN and other external links within OpenStack documentation.

While the tone of the the posts are a little emotive in places the technical merit of what he puts forward are valid enough and some solutions have already been put forward but the community to address them.

Upcoming OpenStack Events

This section was previously called “Midcycle dates and locations”, new name reflects the observation that there were other OpenStack related events that crop up on the mailing list that were worth calling out.  Don’t forget the OpenStack Foundation’s excellent Events Page for a comprehensive list though!

General Events


People and Projects

Further Reading & Miscellanea

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news :)

This edition of Lwood brought to you by Harunobu Okubo and friends (performing ELP), Vanessa Rodrigues (Soul Project), Liquid Tension Experiment (2) amongst other excellent tunes.


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