Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week ending 15th November 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 9th to 15th November 2015 :

  • ~683 Messages (basically flat relative to last week)
  • ~189 Threads (down 7% from last week)

Traffic and threads settling after the Mitaka lull then rush of the last few weeks!

Notable Discussions

Making Stable Maintenance it’s own OpenStack project team

This quite lengthy thread starts on Monday here and neatly summarised in a post on Friday makes the case for making stable maintenance its own discreet OpenStack project team.

Reasons in favour include the ability for a suitably empowered team to tackle new coordination tasks (across projects) and reinforcing branding – making stable more visible to organisations that may in turn be more inclined to commit resources.

To me the upsides of this far outweigh the minor downsides – as OpenStack continues to mature so will the expectation around stable releases and longer term support.

New API guidelines for review

There are three new API guidelines ready for review that will be merged on November 20th in the absence of any further feedback.  They are;

Telemetry and Ceilometer explained

Gord Chung wrote a nice summary explaining the newly introduced [telemetry] tag and accompanying project and how it relates to Ceilometer.  In short telemetry is a project that encapsulates various smaller projects, including Ceilometer that provide monitoring, alarming, data collection and resource storage style services.

OSprofiler is dead, long live OSprofiler

A tongue in cheek subject for a significant thread from Boris Pavlovic in which he outlines his work to write a new OSprofiler.  For the uninitiated this tool allows quite fine grained analysis of where time is spent doing various OpenStack requests.  Boris provides a link to a demo trace of a CLI command (nova boot) as an example.

While he acknowledges there is some work to be done there already appears to be quite widespread support for seeing this work integrated across the Mitaka release.

Nominations open for N and O names of OpenStack

Monty Taylor wrote to advise that nominations for the N and O releases of OpenStack were open – they are alas now closed at the time of writing this edition.

Fear not, you can still vote when the names are put forward for Community voting on 30th November.  If you’re curious the geographc regions in questions are “Texas Hill County” for the “N” release and “Catalonia” for “O” – both lovely places :)

Shout out for Nova API documentation contributions

Understand a bit about Nova ?  Able to explain it to others ?  Please consider contributing to the very important work to refresh the Nova API documentation as Alex Xu writes here.  There is also a virtual Sprint planned.

Cool graphs!

What’s better than OpenStack ?  Graphs of OpenStack of course! :)

Jokes aside, Paul Belanger noted the existence of a new site http://grafana.openstack.org which will, as it develops, allow various dashboards to be created.  Suggestions for what the community would like to see are sought, for now there is an example dashboard of Zuul data.

High Availability topic for openstack-dev

Adam Spiers noted that there is now a formal topic tag [HA] for High Availability related posts to the mailing list.  If you’re posting on HA related topics please use this tag to assist server-side and client-side maili filters in doing their thing.

Last sync from oslo-incubator

A good news thread with a practical bent this one – Dims noting that most of the code in oslo-incubator has now moved into oslo.* libraries (as intended) followed up by a post from Thierry pointing out it was three years to the day that oslo-incubator was first created.  Props for all involved in getting Oslo to where it is today.

Not keeping Juno around longer after all

Following up on the thread mentioned in last week’s Lwood, Tony Breeds summed up a fairly full couple of weeks discussion in this message noting that “… Juno is no more long live Kilo!”

Introducing Lwood

A colleague suggested I should flag a post about Lwood from within Lwood to see if the resulting recursion would collapse the Internet.  Silliness aside, as Thierry suggested I’ve added the blog version of Lwood to Planet Openstack.

Other Reading

Don’t forget these excellent sources of OpenStack news :)

Post Mitaka Summit Summaries and Priorities

A few more Summaries and Priority lists rolled in from the Mitaka Summit

Midcycle dates and locations

A couple of midcycles (or lack thereof) were announced;

People and Projects

  • [tacker] Sripriya Seetharam nominated for Tacker core by Sridhar Ramaswamy
  • [oslo][taskflow] Greg Hill proposed for the taskflow-core team by Joshuah Harlow
  • [freezer] Proposal to add Pierre-Arthur Mathieu and Eldar Nugaev to freezer core by Marzi Fausto
  • [kolla] Proposing Michal Rostecki for Core Reviewer by Steve Dake
  • [vpnaas][neutron] Paul Michali advised he is stepping down from VPNaaS work to focus on other areas on Neutron


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