Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for the week ending 1st November 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

An even shorter Lwood this week than last – many people were at the Mitaka Summit in Tokyo which has reduced the amount of traffic dramatically.

Basic Stats for week 26th October to 1st November 2015 :

  • ~268 Messages (down about 36% from last week)
  • ~114 Threads (down about 49% from last week)

Notable Discussions

Midcycle dates and locations

There will likely be more of these announced/clarified during the coming week post Mitaka, but for now at least the Nova folk know where to be – Bristol, UK, 26 and 28 January. The announcement is here and a link to registration here.

Certificate Authority for openstack-ansible deployments

This thread, started by Major Hayden has been quietly percolating away and got, I think, some coverage at the summit too. It’s been suggested that the anchor project may have a role to play here as well.  Input is actively being sought from both the Ansible community but also from Openstack crypto folk.

People and Projects

  • Ian Cordasco wrote to say he would be stepping down from his involvement in Bandit, Glance, Ansible and Searchlight effective immediately.  A flurry of emails followed thanking Ian for his sustained and extensive contributions to OpenStack
  • Steve Dake announced that he will be stepping down from his role as a Magnum core reviewer.  He will continue to be involved with Kolla however.  A number of followup emails rightly thanked him for his work on the project
  • Denis Egorenko was proposed to Core for Puppet and with a quorum reached formally added
  • HenryG was added to the Neutron Drivers team

OpenStack-Cinder YouTube channel

Sean McGinnis announced the creation of a YouTube channel for Cinder – it will in time include tutorials and the like, for now will have Summit sessions posted.

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