Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for 25th October 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

A bit of a shorter Lwood this week as the Mitaka Summit in Tokyo seems to have reduced the amount of Lwood-relevant traffic.

Basic Stats for week 19th to 25th October 2015 :

  • ~499 Messages (down about 19% from last week)
  • ~186 Threads (up about 2% from last week)

Notable Discussions

User Survey Results are out

Tom Fifield writes that the results of the most recent OpenStack user survey are now available here and it is, truly, compelling reading.  No matter what your involvement with OpenStack this is worthy of your time to go through and read.  Your humble correspondent will be taking a second pass at it right after I click send on this Lwood :)

New Stackalytics goodness

Ilya Shakhat notes that Stackalytics 0.9 is now up and running, a mixture of some neat new functionality as well as compatibility with upcoming infra changes (such as working with Gerrit 2.9+) Head over and check it out :)

Release Freeze until after Summit

Doug Hellman made note of the fact that barring anything unforeseen, there will be a freeze on new releases until after tne Summit – November 2nd.

OpenStack-HA IRC Channel

After some discussion with the -infra team, Adam Spiers points out there is now an IRC channel specifically for High Availability related discussions.

A new project – Watcher

Antoine Cabot announced the Watcher project on Wednesday last week – a project that seemingly makes use of data streamed from Ceilometer (and so isn’t, as I understand it querying the database) and allows this information to be used to trigger events with the aim of optimising resource usage.  Seems pretty neat and follows a presentation made at the Vancouver summit.

Release Notifications

A new section for Lwood, will see how useful/practical it proves to be – a wrapup of the weeks release/version bump notifications…

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