Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for 18th October 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 12th to 18th October 2015 :

  • ~619 Messages (up about 4% from last week)
  • ~182 Threads (up about 20% from last week)

Notable Discussions

Glance related security notice (OSSN 0057)

This post outlines the contents of OSSN 0057 – a DoS attack on Glance that can cause database resource depletion by continually requesting the creation of zero sized images.

Release communications for Mitaka

Doug Hellman sent an email to the PTLs and openstack-dev outlining plans to ensure more methodical and consistent release management for the Mitaka cycle.  In particular he implores PTLs, project release liaison people and other relevant folk to ensure they have email handling set up such that anything with the [release] topic gets flagged. Further details on the process will follow.

Tweaks to release request process

A later post from Doug outlines the first of these changes – some tweaks around what is expected for library versioning and constraint updates and a reminder that these new policies will be enforced starting this week.  More here.

Establishing Release and Documentation Liaisons for Mitaka

Rounding out our trifecta of Mitaka release related discussions, a few more words from Doug Hellman asking projects to find people to act as Release Liaisons as described here.

Lana Brindley chimed in with a timely reminder to the projects to consider who can be their Documentation Liaison as well.

Etherpads for Mitaka Design Summit

Thierry Carrez noted that there is now a page on the Wiki to collect the etherpads for the Summit.  Please check yours is listed if appropriate!

A thread on the Scheduler continues…

Flagged in last week’s Lwood at the better part of 64 messages for that week, the thread Ed Leafe kicked off is still going strong with about another 45 posts.  Ed provides some interesting comments here that somewhat sums up the conversation thus far.

The thread has been covering all sorts of things; Cassandra, numpy, scalability, how many nodes are a lot etc. etc. so it has moved beyond the original premise which was suggesting a way to allow experimentation with the Nova scheduler.  Still worth a read :)

OpenStack Infra moving to Gerrit 2.11

Zaro posted on behalf of the Infra team to announce plans to upgrade to Gerrit 2.11 (currently 2.8) shortly after the Mitaka summit.  Judging by the thread that followed, a very popular plan!  More details in the original post.

Magnum PTL announced

Somehow I missed the announcement in the week before last that the Magnum PTL election was concluded with Adrian Otto re-elected to the role.  My apologies for the oversight and congrats to Adrian!

More on the informal performance/large deployments group

As mentioned back in Lwood-20150927, Dina Belova kicked off a discussion on setting up an informal team to work specifically on OpenStack performance issues in large deployments.  It’s been confirmed that a session has been set aside for this group at the Tokyo Summit.

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