Welcome to Last week on OpenStack Dev (“Lwood”) for 4th October 2015. For more background on Lwood, please refer here.

Basic Stats for week 28th September to 4th October 2015 :

  • ~573 Messages (up about 2% from last week)
  • ~174 Threads (up about 13% from last week)

Notable Discussions

TC Elections

The TC Elections for six positions are underway, closing date for voting for those eligible is 9th October 2015 23:59:59 – UTC time and date.  If you’re able to vote you should already have received an email with a voting link from Tristan Cacqueray (on/around 3rd October if mine is anything to go by). You can read Tristan’s announcement post here and a some thought provoking observations about being an ATC from Flavio Percoco.

A quick scan suggests that all 19 candidates have posted supporting information to the dev mailing list or you can refer to the OpenStack Wiki page that has all the relevant information.

Discussion about new testing for OpenStack Compatible mark

This post was flagged in last week’s Lwood to little fanfare.  A bit of discussion started up about it in the week past including a post about related discussions among the Neutron team.

To recap the overall thread discusses new requirements that come into force in November whereby the OpenStack Foundation will require vendors requesting “OpenStack Compatible” storage driver licenses to start passing the Cinder third-party integration tests.  This all part of a broader initiative to better use the OpenStack brand to enforce better interoperability.

Asserting that a project follows the base deprecation policy

A timely reminder that following the most recent TC meeting there is now a definition for a standard base deprecation policy for OpenStack projects. PTLs are requested to review the definition and if appropriate propose a change adding that tag to their project.  Full details in the OP including a reminder that it’s ok, particularly for “younger” projects to not make such an attestation.

Proposed Mitaka release schedule

From Tierry Carrez a post noting that the proposed schedule for Mitaka is now available here.  By all accounts no surprises – similar to previous releases and even an acknowledgement of some time off over the Christmas/New Year period.

Infra needs Gerrit developers

A call out to anyone able to help out the Infra team with work on Gerrit. As it is rather wryly noted, Gerrit forms a key part of the CI infrastructure for OpenStack so it’s in everyone’s best interests to have Gerrit be as awesome and reliable as possible.  Please consider!

Tokyo Summit Track/Room/Time Allocations

For anyone attending the Tokyo Summit, a further post on track, room and time allocations. Feedback requested if there are any glaring issues.

A request for feedback from the OpenStack UX team

Most PTLs would already be across this but it’s none the less encouraging to see the UX team reaching out requesting feedback on personas to facilitate creating user stories and the like.  Original post is here.

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