Gig retrospective – ANU Bar – 13 June 2014

  • Date: 13 June 2014
  • Venue: ANU Bar (part of the “Groovin the ANU” series of gigs)
  • Bill: Despite Eviction, Scotts, The Feldons and Kevin Windross Band

Gig went off really well, the other three acts were both seriously nice guys and very able players – were pleased to be on the same bill as them.

Numbers were down a little, as we found out it was the last few days of exams so not much of a student crowd and lousy weather conspired against a broader audience.  I think we had about 30-40 people – an enthusiastic crowd though for which we were grateful

The calibre of production courtesy of Garry from the Green Room was first class – he’s a great live sound engineer and the rig is fat. Richard from AtRTPhotos took some great photos and Dene captured it all to multitrak for potential You Tube use later.  Ben and Glenn took some video too which we’re in the process of sifting through.

Pretty happy with how I played, a minor technical glitch in the form of not powering up my top controller keyboard with the sustain pedal plugged in.  Had the effect of meaning it was stuck on until I reset it – thankfully sussed out what was happening during the song in question and was able to sort it before the next tune.  Tried some backing vocals but didn’t position mike very well, note to self there.  Ben, Kev and Brendon cranked it out.

Other thing I’ve gotta work out is how to setup, I ended up off too far to stage left as is plain in some of the photos.  No biggie, but as start to think about the performance aspect of things, need to sort this.

Oh and we had beer and bottled water in the rider, how cool is that ? :)


Family Mart

Last year I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Tokyo doing a series of gigs with the Kevin Windross Band – a remarkable adventure indeed and one I hope to repeat one day – but that something to elaborate on another time [1].

The convenience store chain “Family Mart” ended up being a big part of the side story of those two weeks.  We’d usually return from a gig around midnight and forage at the Family Mart opposite our hotel – amongst other things they did a pretty good line of pre-packaged Sushi which tasted pretty decent and gave the (hopefully accurate) impression of being somewhat healthy.

Fast forward to two days ago and I find myself in Taipei and sure enough, there are Family Marts everywhere – prompting a post to Facebook declaring that the catering for any upcoming Kevin Windross Band tours of Taiwan was all sorted now :)



Family Mart in Taipei

What was kinda funny though was after an lovely catchup lunch with some of my friends from my Canonical days I remarked that Family Mart had been a staple while gigging in Tokyo.  I was reminded by them that the shop in Taipei 101 that I had frequented virtually every day of my previous visits to Taipei was in fact a Family Mart.  No wonder it felt curiously like coming home when we first hit the one near our Tokyo hotel…

I wonder if we should approach them about an endorsement deal ?

[1] As an aside, our intrepid bassist, Brendon has been writing up his impressions of the adventure here. For the feint of heart I will forewarn you that there are some rude words, but it is an excellent and amusing read and thus far commendably accurate.